Who We Work With






Naomi has 3 children and lives in Sous Savanne. Her husband died in the 2010 Haitian earthquake. She uses the funds from her paper beads to take care of her children and to invest in other income producing activity in Haiti.



Fritz stopped painting after the Haitian earthquake in January 2010. He said it was all he could do to help his family and friends get back on their feet. He is now painting again after some encouragement. His studio is in the shade outside his home in the compound where he lives. He sells his paintings to members of aid groups who come to work in Sous Savanne. His paintings are very popular, especially his scenery, boats, and chicken paintings.



Jina is the single mother of one daughter. She lost her home in the Haitian 2010 earthquake. For a while she lived in a Red Cross transitional home, but left because it wasn't "safe". For a while, she stayed where ever she could until she received a home from friends who were concerned for her safety.  She is saving money monthly to have the resources to explore other income-producing avenues.



LouLoune is a single mom with one daughter. Although her daughter has gone to the States to live with her father, LouLoune still feels responsible for her. She is a wonderful lady with a very large and compassionate heart. She always seems to be helping others, and her compound is always full of family and friends. Her main source of income is making school uniforms. Each school has its own colors, so there is always a variety. She also does a lot of serving for others and has little side incomes (selling sodas, etc.).



Widlyne is a single mother of 3 children. She lost her home in the 2010 Haitian earthquake and eventually ended up in Sous Savanne where other members of her family live. She lived in a tent for 3 years until she received a new home built through the efforts of Hope Force International. She has already used some of the money she has earned to purchase other goods to sell in the village, or at the market.





Chantel was taught how to make liquid laundry soap. She also makes pates (little meat pies) in her compound and sells sundry household items. She has taken the proceeds from these ventures and has purchased cement blocks to make a small building to work from and to let her customers sit and visit. She is looking for some help to make this become a reality. Regenesis Projecthas given Chantal an interest-free micro loan to help purchase items for her little store.