About Us

A non-profit dedicated to aiding hardworking individuals build a sustainable livelihood.

Regenesis Project’s goal is to work alongside of hardworking individuals to help them develop a sustainable income or livelihood with encouragement, financial assistance, materials, knowledge and scholarship. We want to help mothers and fathers in poverty, support and educate their children, by working with them and building relationships which are emotionally and spiritually beneficial. By doing this, we hope that we can bring dignity and a desire to make life better for their children and for their country.


Regenesis Project current focus is in the area of Sous Savanne, Haiti.

In Sous Savanne, we partner with Hope Force International and Rene and Marianne Lako. Hope Force International has been working in this area since shortly after the earthquake in January 2010.They currently have several projects in the area which include building of small homes for single moms, health education and clinics, and assisting in the development of a local school to name a few.The interest and assistance that Regenesis Project receives from Rene, Marianne, and Hope Force International (www.hopeforce.org) is priceless to us.

The fracturing of the Haitian family has been acerbated by the extreme poverty brought on by a history of corrupt governments and inside and outside strife. 70% of workforce age Haitians are unemployed, and those who are employed earn less than $500.00 a year. 

Regenesis Project is also working with a local school run by Pastor and Madam Laguerre to put financial education in place. We have already provided financial support for students displaced by Hurricane Matthew, new French math books for grades 1-6 and 3 computers. Regenesis Project will continue to partner with the school for their material and financial needs.



Four-pronged support for individuals in need.

With a ministry of presence, we can give a sense of hope and instill a can-do spirit into those who have felt downtrodden. There are few things that are more rewarding than being able to take care of your family.

Regenesis Project also hopes to work with those who are interested in pursuing a higher education. In the past, Haiti has suffered from an extreme “brain drain”. The brightest and best have left Haiti to pursue their lives elsewhere. We would like to see native Haitians educated and stay in Haiti to become a voice for what is good there and to pass their knowledge onto the next generation.

Regenesis Project also can provide “start up” funds for sustainable micro-enterprise endeavors. These small interest free loans can be just what certain individuals need to get an idea off the ground. The basis of the payback of these loans will be worked out on a person to person basis. The paying back of these small loans will be encouraged so that the next person can be helped and so that the person who was a beneficiary of one of these loans will indirectly be helping the next person.

In all of these instances, the persons involved will be encouraged to “pay it forward” to help others. It will also be stressed the advantages of working together for a common good (ex: forming a craft co-op, starting their own savings association). In countries where just eking out a daily living can be stressful, this is sometimes a foreign concept.



Thanks to a generous in kind donation, we now have a mobile store to take to events and concerts. This makes selling products and promoting Regenesis Project's mission somewhat easier. Now we can just drive to a site and park and with a few minutes of setup, are ready to go for the day. Bonus point is that it can be used for sleeping for those events that are more than 1 day. Huge blessing for Regenesis Project.