What About Our Time?

As I become more and more involved in leadership aspects of the church and of Regenesis Project there is one thing that has become painfully clear- what about our time? Growing up in the church, I can remember that time every year that the topic of stewardship and/or tithing would be talked about from the pulpit. In our culture today, you don't hear a lot of about even this subject. Why is money such a difficult subject? And if money is a difficult subject, don't even begin to talk about how much time someone has.

We are supposed to as Christians, give to God our first fruits.That means the best. I generally as a rule, don't have a whole lot of trouble with the tithe. One of the big reasons is that during the times in my life when I haven't tithed, life wasn't right. It wasn't always terribly bad, but it wasn't right. When I figured out if you tithe, even when it is a sacrifice, life is better. Even the tough times go smoother.But what about our time? If we tithed our time, that would be 2.4 hrs a day,16.8 hrs a week, or 873.6 hours a year. Yikes! How many of you have volunteered to serve on a board, but when time comes around to go to your monthly meeting, oh my, something else takes precedent? Hot date, the kids have a ballgame, or you're just plain tired. No one will notice if I miss just this once. Until once, becomes two times, and it just snowballs from there. Do you consider it an honor to be asked to do God's work, or is it a burden? How does that affect your leaders? Does it burden them unnecessarily, or can they handle it? Maybe God had a reason for you to be selected for the tasks at hand. If you don't participate, guess God's plans for you won't be fulfilled. How many times so you suppose that God had a plan or opened a door for you, that you were too busy or too tired for? That thought terrifies me.

Now some might say that it is easy for me to give the Lord 2.4 hours a day. After all, I work in a ministry. Even though I work in a ministry, I very rarely view my work time as part of that 2.4 hours. Of course there are moments that it is giving back and it probably could be counted as part of God's 2.4 hours. But I don't view it that way.Although you probably won't find me as accomodating after I have worked a 13-14 hour day.But, are we as Christians getting even close to to 16.8 hours a week? It is sad really, that we have in this day and age have become so overscheduled that we can't squeeze God in except for an hour or two on Sunday morning. Look around your church. Who is in leadership and keeping the ark afloat? Bet you that it is people who are so busy, that they are juggling several balls at the same time. But, somehow, they have found a way to give their time to the Lord. There is an old saying-"Want to get something done, ask a busy person."

Many need to evaluate their usage of time. I suppose you could spend that2.4 hours a day reading your bible and praying-and we should all do that on a regular basis-but, we need to get busy doing God's work. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. God bless. Janet