Waste, Waste, Waste

In recent days, there has been publicity about Burberry burning 37 million dollars worth of inventory in order to make their brand more exclusive and not have excess inventory to discount or whatever. The fact remains that 37 million dollars means so little to some parts of our society that it is ok to burn it.

When I think of what can be done with 37 million dollars to help those who could use a hand up or to help a worthwhile cause, it literally makes me sick to my stomach. Of course, I hold Haiti close to my heart, but there are so many projects and endeavors out there that to burn 37 million dollars is ludicrous. If you want to have your product be so exclusive, make less of it. I'm pretty sure that I don't have the business prowess that those running Burberry have, but even I know that if you want to be exclusive, then you keep your production low. I just don't understand how it is all right in today's world to burn 37 million dollars. I hope that the people that wear this company's products think twice about the waste this company supports so they can charge crazy prices for their products. End of rant