New Year, New Hopes and Dreams

As we embark on this new year of 2016 ( somebody  explain to me how I got here), it is always a time of renewel, commitment and energy. I cannot forget in all of that, the role that God plays in the work that Regenesis Project attempts to do. Without the guidance, which He probably thinks I ignore, we would be nowhere. Now that our soap project is up and running-despite a couple of hiccups- I am encouraged that maybe we can do more. I just want to be sure that moving ahead is God's will, not mine. I struggle with that concept, maybe more than I should. Haven't we had it pounded into our finite little brains since we were children, that it is up to us? Us, us, us. I have found that some very amazing things happen when I let it be God, God, God, and not me, me, me. One of the biggest things is God's math is almost always a surprise to me.He has looked out for me, particularly this past year and a half. I know that God is always out there testing my faith. The encouraging part of that is that he wouldn't be testing it unless he had some plans that required the knowledge that testing me would give me. Don't know what he has planned, but bring it on.