Haiti Unrest

I had hoped to be traveling to Haiti in May or June, but the travel alert is still at 4. You can go to Haiti when The travel alert is at 4, but if you get in trouble, the embassy isn't going to rescue you. Sometimes it is very hard to explain to others why you want to go to Haiti if it is not always safe. Where we work in Sous Savanne, I am fairly certain that we would be safe. It is the traveling between there and the airport that can get a bit dicey. Haiti has elections, but at times there can be upwards of 100 people running just for president and each one has their own agenda. Politics is the one thing I never try to engage in discussion while in Haiti. Let me tell you, as backstabbing as American politics are, they don't hold a candle to Haiti. If the tires burning in the streets isn't enough to convince you, there are usually very long lines at the embassy for passports. A lot of those wanting passports and visas say that their livesĀ  are at risk because of their political beliefs. It would be so great to see Haiti united behind a leader who has not been influenced by corruption. So, continue to pray that things will settle down and we can get back to our work of building relationships and investing in lives. We actually are shooting for August.