God's Timing

How many of us have totally questioned God's timing? I'm not talking about the times when we marvel about His timing; I'm talking about the times that we are pushing at God for Him to get moving. Even when we know to be still and know that He is God is best, we still push,push,push. Believe me, I am probably the worst person to wait around for anything or anyone. The bad part is,that 25 years ago I was a whole lot less patient.

My daughters are 14 years apart, and I still chuckle when I think of the older one telling the younger one how much more patient I was with her. She's right. I was a terror when I was in my 20's and early 30's. If only I had what patience I have now, then. But, then again, God was working in me and giving me those hard lessons time and time again until they stuck. Can't say that I was a quick study.

One of things I have promised myself with Regenesis, is to wait on God. If it isn't happening right this second, it's not supposed to be. We recently received our 503(3)c designation on the first attempt. I was told that 2 out of 3 get rejected the first time, so mentally, I was prepared for that.So, needless to say, I was estatic when it went through the first time. But, there is a story behind that. I originally downloaded the application to my work computer and started plugging away at it. (those of you who have been through this process, understand). I had worked several times, saving it each time, until I had time to work on it again. I had very little left to do on it, so one day, when I had a couple of hours, I thought I would sit down and get this wrapped up. COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE ON THE STUPID COMPUTER!!!! The IT guy had been doing some stuff (I'm not very tech savy-sorry to say) and it was just gone. Thought I would have a breakdown. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I started over. The second time through, I changed some of things or the way I stated them and made some minor adjustments here and there. After a couple of weeks, I finished it up. You know what? I also felt much more at peace with the application than I had with the first one. I signed it on the morning of July 4th, prayed over it, and handed it off to another one of our board members to mail the next day(with explicit instructions to pray over it as she mailed it).

So, God, I'm getting it. There's been some other things that have happened that totally affirm that waiting on God is best. So, I am going to do my best to just wait, but also be ready when God needs me to jump.