I have gone  through a great many changes in the past month and although some may not think so, I believe with all my heart that it has had the hand of God all over it. Have you ever been pushed so far that you just snap? Have you ever been disregarded or made a joke of when all you were trying to do was to be open and honest? Have you ever felt that even when someone apologized to you, that despite the apology, your trust of that person was totally shattered? These are just a few of the thoughts and emotions that I have experience in the past few weeks. I tell you what, I am human and I am not a pretty sight when pushed to my limit. So, anyway, I am currently working 2 jobs that add up to about 60 hrs a week, but that won't be every week because the one job is tied to the school year. But, the most weird for me, is that I have weekends off from both jobs. I haven't had weekends off from a jobs since the early 80's.But, to have a block of time off that I can actually work with is strange. My weekdays are jammed packed,but what a breath of fresh air to know that there is a block of time at the end of the week.That is the big positive from the changes. I also get to go to church every Sunday, not just once in a while.

Of course, there are some things that I am having to make adjustments to. I feel rather disconnected from some of my friends and acquaintances now. I shared a house with a lovely young lady, but we are ships passing in the night with our schedules. So, that has been a little hard, but Madeline (my cat) and I are content with where we are living. I haven't unpacked anything though, except for some clothes. Maybe I'm afraid to have to pack it all again. I certainly dumped a lot of stuff when I moved and simplified my life even more. If it wasn't for Regenesis Project stuff, we probably could have done it in one trip.

How does this tie into Haiti, one might think? In Haiti you see  people hanging onto everythng. To do something new or to venture outside the box is extremely hard-people don't want to leave their comfort zone. If they leave their comfort zone, who knows what might happen.It is easier to stay and possibly suffer unduly, than to venture out. "Safer with the devil you know, than the devil you don't". This is one of the reasons that teaching new concepts and ideas in Haiti can be so challenging. Yes, I purposely ventured out of my comfort zone into the unknown, but I knew that God was with me on this journey, no matter how it turned out. I have often used the phrase " think of this as a character building experience". God was giving me a "faith building experience". So, as you venture out into the world, look for your "faith building experiences" and see where you end up.