Another step forward-hopefully

I return to Haiti on May 5th and will br there until the 17th. I  am looking forward to returning and I think that God must have a plan. I find that as my trips to Haiti approach, I experience problems or difficulties. Basically, I view these happenings as spiritual warfare since they seem so consistent. Last time just before I left, I developed an allegeric reaction to something and my face swelled up. This time, I have gotten burned, not once, but twice. I haven't burnt myself like that in years. Really isn't a great idea to go to Haiti with an open wound. But, I have healed nicely and it looks like it will be ok. (of course, I have to get through this weekend before I leave)

I will be stepping outside of the box again and will be teaching some simplified classes on finances. I think that I will probably learn more from the Haitians than they will learn from me. I just don't want to make any huge missteps-particularly culturally. It is so important to meet these adults where they are at and not to judge why they do things the way they do. They are adults and have endured life experiences that you and I can only have nightmares about. It is hard to think about the future if today and most days are a struggle to feed yourself and your family. How many of us send our children off to relatives to ,in all reality, become their slaves because you can't feed or clothe them. How that must feel down in your soul.

So, I ask for your prayers during this next adventure. God bless.