How many of us have totally questioned God's timing? I'm not talking about the times when we marvel about His timing; I'm talking about the times that we are pushing at God for Him to get moving. Even when we know to be still and know that He is God is best, we still push,push,push. Believe me, I am probably the worst person to wait around for anything or anyone. The bad part is,that 25 years ago I was a whole lot less patient.

As I become more and more involved in leadership aspects of the church and of Regenesis Project there is one thing that has become painfully clear- what about our time? Growing up in the church, I can remember that time every year that the topic of stewardship and/or tithing would be talked about from the pulpit. In our culture today, you don't hear a lot of about even this subject. Why is money such a difficult subject? And if money is a difficult subject, don't even begin to talk about how much time someone has.

For a while before the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, I had a stirring in my heart for Haiti. There is no explanation for it, except that God put it there in anticipation of the plans that he has for me .I have a friend who has a gift for prophecy, who once told me that I would be going somewhere extremely poor and doing work there. At the time, I actually told him that he was a few cards short of a full deck, but he said to wait and see. Oh yea of little faith!